No Recipe Meal Plan

Who has time to follow detailed recipes and cook for 3 hours?

Not many of us.

And unless it’s the weekend, and we have more time, we often find ourselves not thinking too much about our meals and end up eating cold cereal or popcorn. A lot of my clients also fall back on the take-out trap, buying greasy prepared meals at the store and/or eating the same old frozen ‘diet’ entree filled with a ton of salt. Do any of those sound familiar?

Today I hope to shine a light onto a few tricks I use to make simple plant strong meals in minutes….weekend or weekday and help you steer far away from the scary landfill that is prepared grocery store food and/or the fast casual salty processed food delights.

I broke down a few increments of time. You’ll be amazing at what you can do if you get your head in the game. Give these a try & let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you! .

Have 5 minutes…good prep this….

eat a piece of fruit

cut carrots & celery

pre-cut fruit for later

fill up your water bottle

make a smoothie

Have 20 minutes do this….

make a lunch salad to go

wash & store your greens so they’re ready to eat (kale, chard, romaine)

cook a batch of quinoa (YES….only 15 minutes people!)

meal prep for tomorrow…what do I have at home (in freezer, pantry, etc)

find a new recipe that excites you

Have an hour (Wow!) do this…..

bake a potato

make homemade salad dressing

prep salad in a jar for the week

make a fruit salad

make dinner for someone you love

Kids & husband are sleeping (turn off Netflix…put on music) and make this….

bake homemade granola bars

no-bake nut balls

pack lunches

cook beans from scratch-in a crockpot super easy!

order groceries online

Using these simple plan-ahead time savers can make you put together healthy meals in a matter of minutes. Out source other things you don’t care about, (like laundry or cleaning) but when it comes to health and nutrition….Dial It In! And make time for yourself. You’re worth it!

Make this a great week!



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