Lately, I’ve been working up a storm in my kitchen.

Trying out all new recipes and experimenting with fresh produce, new sauces and desserts. This shot above is a spinach and pesto lasagna I made from the Thug Kitchen’s Cookbook.

Really delicious and Joe never knew he ate tofu!! Winner.

Other cookbooks I’m enjoying:

Oh She Glows by Angela Lidden

Farm Sanctuary by Gene Baur & Gene Stone

I’m also tucking away a few new recipe files for another cookbook. I know…my first one is not even out, but you have to think ahead.

The beginning of spring from our new home has brought on a renewed sense of hope, joy and countless daffodils thanks to the previous owner…bless her. We are settling into this house and coming up with endless ideas on what we want to do. Paint, porch, patio…the list goes on.

However, we are just living and taking the wise advice of many and resisting the urge to do anything until you live in it for at least a year. Breathe…so we wait and image in our head all these grand ideas.

Besides cooking, I’ve dialed up my walking. Thanks to the Garmin Vivofit. I love this thing. It’s really simple and tracks my steps and mileage…and much more, but I only care about my movement. It keeps me standing up more to work and reminds me to stay active. Walking provides me time to run errands, save on gas, clear my head and listen to podcasts. It’s really great to see the miles add up each day.

Along with cooking, eating and exercising I’ve also made a new community of friends. I joined the Newcomer’s group in my town and have met some really nice women. Very welcoming and funny. Just the combination I love. Thank you Suzanne, Laurie and sweet Thea. You’ve made my move easier and make me smile.

What have you been up to lately?

Are you trying anything new?

Wishing you all a gentle, healthy and happy week.



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